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Jukka Honkaniemi’s DBA (Doctor in Business Administration) dissertation, approved on 6 June 2023, examines the integration of sustainability issues into business operations in the financial sector and SMEs. The study shows that sustainable finance is supporting the establishment of ESG practices in companies, but their integration into business is not yet complete. Read more

A client-driven ESG background study will review the client’s competitive landscape, material research reports, relevant legislation and other publicly available ESG information. The background information gathered provided a comprehensive knowledge base and an excellent starting point for the client’s ESG development programme. Read more.

The training material focuses on the special features of bio and circular economy, reviews different circular economy strategies and initiatives, and highlights few circular economy projects supported by the financial sector. The aim is to increase the expertise of financial sector managers and experts to identify and support customers’ bioeconomy and circular economy projects.

The training material illustrates the biodiversity crisis and its impact on the global economy, financial markets and businesses. The aim is to raise awareness that biodiversity loss is not only an environmental issue, but also an issue of sustainability, economy, security and justice. 

The aim of the study conducted in 2020 was to analyze the European SME sector and the sustainability challenges facing businesses. Based on the findings, a SaaS service was built to help SMEs assess the sustainability and climate impacts of their business, especially from the perspective of financiers. Read more.

The training material examines climate change and sustainability challenges and illustrates the risks and opportunities they create, especially from the perspective of SMEs. It also looks at measures that can help SMEs prepare for future sustainability challenges and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the green transition.