POP Pankki Group is a Finnish financial group that offers retail banking services to private customers and SMEs. In autumn 2022, the management group started a development project to clarify the Group’s ESG vision and strategy and to develop an implementation plan in cooperation with Honkacapital team of sustainability and green finance professionals. The goal was to develop the POP Bank Group’s ESG programme to more strongly meet the expectations of stakeholders, the requirements of the regulators and the measures required for the green transition.

POP The ESG development project, tailored to the needs of the POP Bank Group, consisted of conducting a background study on sustainable development, a stakeholder survey, management interviews, workshops and the preparation of an implementation plan. As a result, the POP Bank Group received a detailed roadmap for implementing its ESG vision and strategy.

"Honkacapital's expertise in ESG themes relevant to banks and financial institutions helped us to increase our ESG knowledge, sharpen the POP Bank Group's ESG vision and strategy, and create a detailed three-year implementation plan. This collaboration gave us an excellent starting point to develop and grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way."

Jaakko Pulli
Managing Director, POP Bank Centre

Orfer Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that develops, designs and manufactures robotic machining systems for industry. The company’s owners and management team wanted to increase their understanding and knowledge of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and sustainable business development. Honkacapital conducted management interviews in 2020 to first identify the company’s strengths and areas for development, as well as the expectations and views of the management team and board members on the importance of sustainable business development for Orfer Oy. The interviews provided a good basis for successful training tailored to the customer’s needs and concrete proposals for sustainable and responsible business development.

"Honkacapital organized a workshop for Orfer board and management around sustainable development as well as climate change related business risks and opportunities. The workshop was well organized and of high quality and resulted in Orfer launching its own sustainability program based on the recommendations."

Paul Stucki
Entrepreneur, Orfer Oy

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, SEB, is the leading Nordic provider of financial services. Honkacapital and SEB have collaborated on a number of client-focused training and innovation workshops to strengthen the skills and expertise of financial professionals in identifying risks and opportunities related to climate change and sustainable finance. In particular, the aim has been to strengthen the capacity of bankers to support their customers’ green transition and to jointly innovate new business opportunities.

“Honkacapital has held several sustainability training and innovation workshops for SEB during 2020-22 ranging from sector analyses to reviews of biodiversity, circular economy and bioeconomy from banking and finance perspective. The prepared materials and organized sessions have been of high quality and assisted us in understanding of the trends and driving new business opportunities.“

Anssi Kiviniemi
Head of Sustainability, SEB Finland

The mission of Finnish Minerals Group (FMG) is to develop responsible mining business and the battery value chain in Finland, while supporting the EU’s green transition and the achievement of climate targets by 2050. The Honkacapital team played an important role in strengthening the green finance expertise of the organization’s management team as well as in the implementation of the sustainable finance plan.

"Honkacapital has assisted Finnish Minerals Group (FMG) in planning and preparing the financing of battery chemicals investments in Finland during 2021-22. The work entailed analyses and assessment of green finance frameworks and EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy and educating the FMG and joint venture partner's management in the implications and requirements of green finance. The work was high quality, delivered timely and valued by the participants. “

Aapo Nikunen
CFO, Finnish Minerals Group

Suomen Asiakastieto, part of the Enento Group, is one of Finland’s leading providers of digital business and consumer information services. The sustainability champions team wanted to better understand and assess the business risks and opportunities related to climate change and learn more on sustainable financing and ESG reporting. Honkacapital carried out a number of customer oriented and tailor-made training sessions during 2020.

“Honkacapital organized sustainable finance and risk Management training workshops for Asiakastieto/ Enento’s sustainability champions team in 2020. The training workshops were well organized, high quality and had the desired impact in assisting in Enento’s sustainable product offering journey.“

Jukka Ruuska
CEO, Enento (2011-2021)

Hanken & SSE Executive Education supports the growth and renewal of leaders and organisations through customised trainings. Honkacapital has been involved in delivering popular and impactful training progrems for business professionals.

“Hanken & SSE Executive Education has organised several programmes in Sustainable Finance to a large bank customer. Honkacapital has carried out some of the training workshops as part of the overall programme. The training workshops were well organised and delivered with quality and received positive feedback from the programme participants."

Michaéla Gotthardt
Senior Project Manager, Hanken & SSE Executive Education

Puuha Group is a Finnish company that manufactures and imports playgroud, exercise and fitness equipment that promotes physical activity. One of their core missions related to social impact, is to encourage everyone to include more physical activity into their daily lives for the benefit of both physical and mental well-being. Puuha Group has invested in developing its ESG strategy over the long term, and Honkacapital’s esgResilience service brought a new perspective and insights.

"In Puuha Group's strategy, ESG is the framework that we take into account in our daily operations. To ensure the sustainability of our business across all its aspects in the future, we have evaluated the carbon footprint for both our company and our products over the past year, created a target schedule for carbon neutrality, and prepared for tomorrow using the climate risk analysis provided by the esgResilience service developed by Honkacapital. esgResilience produced a report that brings clarity to a complex topic, helping us to develop our operations in an increasingly sustainable manner."

Erkan Fere
Managing Director, Puuha Group Oy